Team Singapore @ RoboCup 2015

Congratulations! Team Singapore RoboCup2015 World Championship has been successfully held in Hefei,...

Team Singapore @ RoboCup 2013

Congratulations! Team Singapore RoboCup 2013 World Championship has been successfully held in Eindh...

RoboCup 2010

Singapore has successfully hosted RoboCup 2010.


The RoboCup Singapore Open 2015 serves as the national level selection for Singapore RoboCupJunior teams. Hence, the RoboCup Singapore Open 2015 will focus on the RoboCupJunior Challenge. RoboCupJunior is a robotics event for primary and secondary school students that provides consistent challenges from year to year and emphasizes sharing ideas in a friendly learning environment.


1.RoboCupJunior CoSpace | RESCUE Rule & DANCE Rule

  • CoSpace Rescue – Primary,
  • CoSpace Rescue – Secondary,
  • CoSpace Dance – Primary,
  • CoSpace Dance – Secondary

2.RoboCupJunior Dance | Rule

  • Dance – Primary,
  • Dance – Secondary

3.RoboCupJunior Rescue | Rule

  • Rescue A – Primary,
  • Rescue A – Secondary

4.RoboCupJunior Soccer | Rule

  • Light Weight League – Primary
  • Light Weightage League – Secondary
  • Open League (No Age Group)

5.CoSpace Grand Prix Challenge | About

  • CoSpace Grand Prix – Primary,
  • CoSpace Grand Prix – Secondary,

6.RMA Challenge – Smart Robot, Smart Nation| About

  • RMA Challenge – Primary,
  • RMA Challenge – Secondary,

The invited RoboCup Major teams will demonstrate the Major league categories. They are RoboCup Soccer, RoboCup Rescue, and RoboCup@Home.

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