Team Singapore @ RoboCup 2015

Congratulations! Team Singapore RoboCup2015 World Championship has been successfully held in Hefei,...

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RoboCup 2010

Singapore has successfully hosted RoboCup 2010.

International CoSpace OnLine (iCooL) Challenge 2015 
5-8 Nov 2015 • Singapore

In conjunction with the 2nd Singapore National CoSpace and RoboMaker Challenges, the International CoSpace onLine (iCooL) Challenge 2015 will be organized from 5-8 Nov 2015.

CoSpace Robot is well accepted by students around the world for learning Robotics, Coding, Computational Thinking and STEM. CoSpace Rescue Challenge is an official sub-league of RoboCupJunior. It provides a fun and engaging way for young people to develop their computational thinking skills and to get involved in programming and algorithm development.

The iCooL Challenge provides an opportunity for students around the world to take part in the CoSpace Challenge remotely. Students can show off their work, and benchmark themselves in the world of CoSpace Robotics. During RoboCup 2015 held in Hefei, China, the 1st iCooL Challenge was kicked off, which attracted students from about 20 countries.

The iCooL Challenge @ Singapore National CoSpace and RoboMaker Challenges 2015 is jointly organised by Singapore Robotics & Maker Academy and RoboCup Singapore Committee. The winning teams will receive award certificates from the organising committee and RoboCup Singapore.

RCJ CoSpace Rescue Simulator will be used for iCooL Challenge @ Singapore National CoSpace and RoboMaker Challenges 2015.

Steps for participation:

  • Step 1 – Register for the challenge;
  • Step 2 – Download CoSpace Rescue Simulator 2015 (latest version is V3.6);
  • Step 3 – Practice your coding skills and test the online submission portal;
  • Step 4 – Receive the challenge map;
  • Step 5 – Design your strategy and program your robot to solve the challenge;
  • Step 6 – Submit your solution via the online submission portal.


14 – 31 Oct 2015 Team Registration
1 Nov 2015 Email will be sent to all registered teams on the details
2 - 3 Nov 2015 "Uploading" process testing
5 Nov 2015 8:00 AM GMT Challenge map will be released
8 Nov 2015 8:00 AM GMT Deadline of DLL file submission
14 Nov 2015 8:00 AM GMT Announcement of the scores


Primary Age Group

Secondary Age Goup 

➤Map Download

➤Programming (.dll file) submission


We are pleased to announce that the winner of International CoSpace OnLine (iCooL) Challenge 2015 are DigiMinds E (Primary) and FUJISAN2 (Secondary)!

For all teams, congratulations on your achievement! So pleased for you on your well-earned success!

iCooL Primary FinaliCooL Secondary Final