Team Singapore @ RoboCup 2015

Congratulations! Team Singapore RoboCup2015 World Championship has been successfully held in Hefei,...

Team Singapore @ RoboCup 2013

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RoboCup 2010

Singapore has successfully hosted RoboCup 2010.

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Junior Dance

The RoboCupJunior Dance is a stunning integration of Science, Technology and Arts. The RoboCupJunior Dance is a real team effort where participants need to create dancing robots, program the robots to dance to music. Participants are encouraged to compose their own music, choreograph their own dance steps, design costume both for the robots and team members, and dance together in a creative harmony.

Junior Dance includes:

• Dance, Primary

• Dance, Secondary


Junior Dance



Official Rules 2010 ([pdf])

Official Rules 2009 ([pdf], [html])

Official Rules 2009 Appendix 1: Specific Information for RCJ Graz 2009 ([pdf], [html]

Offical Rules 2009 Appendix 2: Score Sheets (comming soon ...)

Official Dance SuperTeam Rules 2009 ([pdf], [html])

RoboCupJunior Dance Interview Score-sheet: ([pdf])

RoboCupJunior Dance Performance Score-sheet: ([pdf])


Robocup Junior 2009 Dance Clip

The Winners of the Primary Individual Dance Competitions
A walk with my dog (Germany) (
Mian Zhong Chang (China) (
Samurai vs Pirates in Japan (Japan) (

The winners of the primary SuperTeam competition

Double T (
The happy fish family (
Make love not war (

The winners of the Special Awards for Primary
Programming Award – Hiperion (Brazil)
Construction Award – Space Miracle (Japan)
Sensor Award - Berlin STOMPys (Germany) (
Choreography Award - Die kleinen Haie (Germany) (
Costume Award – Naturateam (Portugal) (
Entertainment Value Award – RoboTeam (USA) (
Collegiality Award – REMWIZ (Australia)
Best Poster Award – RoboBros (Canada)
Novice Team Award – SLY (Finnland) (

The Winners of the Secondary Individual Dance Competitions
Haarlem Dancer (Germany) (
Sov Na Sov (Israel) (
The birth of a Dragon (Portugal) (
The winners of the Secondary SuperTeam competition
Party People (
Jackson Bots

The winners of the Special Awards for Secondary
Programming Award – Robos Next Topmodel (Germany) (
Construction Award – House Cleaners (Japan) (
Sensor Award - Cats (Taiwan) (
Choreography Award - Dilong (Slovakia)
Costume Award – CIC Dance Brazil (Brazil)
Entertainment Value Award – RollBots (Portugal) (
Collegiality Award – UNAM CCH (Mexico)
Best Poster Award – Jackson 5 (Austria) (
Novice Team Award – Robo*Stars (Austria) (